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Educating kids on gay marriage October 23, 2008

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Proponents of Proposition 8, which would define marriage in the state constitution as that between a man and  a woman,  have  real concerns about how  the proposition’s failure will affect public school kids. Anyone who as paid attention to what has happened in Massachusetts knows that their concerns are not unfounded. The goal of those gay rights advocates is not just to get the right to marry, but to redefine what marriage is and to normalize homosexual behavior to the point where anyone who speaks out against it would be considered a bigot. The real push will be with the kids. There will be a slow and steady push to educate the youngest kids and once Prop 8 fails there will be nothing to stop them.
Ocean View School District trustee John Briscoe, a supporter of Prop. 8, said the Education Code and state curriculum may not change right away if Prop. 8 fails, but having gay marriage become legal would eventually prompt challenges to reflect the law of the land, limiting the decision-making power of local school boards.
“Local schools boards can approve their own curriculum, but they must meet under the umbrella of state standards,” Briscoe said. “To say that the state department of education’s hands will be free of this gay marriage issue is false.”
Santa Ana Unified trustee Rosemarie Avila, another supporter of Prop. 8, also said she would oppose policies to incorporate gay marriage into the curriculum, but the state often has more than control over curriculum like sex education than local school boards.

Biblical Worldview Questions

1.  What is the biblical support for Prop. 8?  How would you refute their strongest argument “Not letting gays marry is discriminatory”?

2. How should Christians respond if Prop 8 fails?

3. Should kids be taught about Gay Marriage in Elementary school? What would you say to your child?


1. Daniel - October 11, 2010

Who are the gays hurting? Our children. In this day and age, we have come under the tyranny of equality. We make things equal that are not, and in so doing, mess other people’s morality.

Some issues shouldn’t be taught to children because they just aren’t able to handle them correctly yet. Their parents, who are the ones who know best when they should be taught these things if ever, should teach them when they are ready.

It really pains me to think that we have corrupted marriage to such an extent that we cannot even define it properly. When something takes on any meaning you want it to, it essentially has no meaning at all. It’s just empty. Fill it with what you want.

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