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Getting the most out of your current events December 15, 2009

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Darrel Furgason wrote an excellent article for the Association of Christian Schools International on the importance of worldview training.  As you look throught the current events of the days, try to find articles that deal with these themes. Furgason wrote…

“An excellent curriculum should therefore teach students how to implement kingdom ways for every area of life through their life’s vocation and calling. Here are just a few kingdom principles that can be applied immediately in many areas of our society today:

• Justice is better than injustice (politics).

• Righteousness is better than crime (law).

• Love is better than hate (sociology).

• Health is better than sickness (economics).

• Order is better than anarchy (politics).

• Peace is better than war (international


• Security is better than danger or terror



  • Freedom is better than slavery (sociology,

• Sufficiency is better than poverty


• Truth is better than lies (education).

• Progress is better than failure (economic


• Accountability is better than corruption


• Democracy is better than totalitarianism



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